About Me ♥

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Fahmida and I am 14 years old. I live in London with my Mum, Dad, 2 Brothers and my Sister. I have been watching makeup videos on YouTube, and reading beauty blogs on Blogger for about a year now. I was introduced to beuaty gurus by my friend Andreia (Thank You darling!!!) and have been hoocked ever since. But I wanted to do something more than just watch videos and read posts and comment and like them. I wanted to be a more active member of the Beauty Community, so I decided to make myself a blog! You can expect to find on here, Reviews, Hauls, Outfit Of The Days, Makeup Looks and much more. I will also be sharing with you Updates about Me and my life, so you get to know me better! I am not a an expert in the subject of makeup and beauty, so I'm not here to tell you about it. I am still learning myself and this blogis my way of sharing my experiences with you lovely people! Also, as this is a beauty blog, I was just want to say that I am not here to tell you what beauty is , or what is beautiful and what isn't. I am here to share with you products and my thoughts on them, and try and help you guys how beauty gurus have helped me. Please don't think that I am silly girl who thinks she knows everything about makeup and whatever, because I'm not! :)  So welcoem to my little world! I hope you enjoy and please show your support by following. It will make my day, garanteed! If you don't like the look of my blog, or are not into this kind of thing, no worries, Thank You so much for visiting and taking the time to read this.

Lots of Love,