Sunday, 27 May 2012

Enjoying The Weather...

We've been lucky enough to be blessed with this gorgeous weather in the UK at the moment. And although I haven't been going out very much and enjoying it ( I get very annoyed, very quickly in hot weather!), I've been loving the way it feels through the day anyway! I've disappeared a bit off the blogging scene, so I though I would make my re-entry with a bit of an update. So here we go...

This last week I've had an Exam, so I've been busy revising for that. I'm happy to say it went quite well and fingers-crossed, I come out with a good result! My Exams aren't over for this year, but the rest of them are after the Half-Term holidays, so I'll have time to blog and catch up with you guys.

I've also been trying to get over this terrible cold I've had for the last couple of weeks, and although I'm on the road to recovery, I still feel terrible and have quite a bad cold. Hopefully I'll be good as new by the time Half-Term comes around!

As for the blog, you can all expect to be seeing very Summery posts as its obviously one of my favourite seasons. I'll be sharing with you all things Summer Fashion and Beauty as well as a few chatty posts where I talk about things I've been doing and how I've been spending my time. Thank you all for supporting me and my blog, and I'll talk to you all very soon! 


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